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This Week in Blaseball

Nov 26, 2021

Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) sit down with Kit and Kuramon, representatives of the Bureau of Unity (@SpiesOrganise), to talk about the blaseball community's efforts in unionization education, their experience sponsoring the final season of the Expansion Era, and whether Tillman Henderson is...

Nov 15, 2021

Gio (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) discuss championship betting, the Vitamin dynasty, and how the Garages will suck forever (in some other universe). Due to a string concatenation error, fans are accidentally bestowed tens of millions of votes. 

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Nov 8, 2021

Stephen Bell (@_stephenbell_) of The Game Band joins Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) to discuss Short Circuits, combo betting, and the universal constant that is the Baltimore Crabs.

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