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This Week in Blaseball

Aug 30, 2021

Once again, it is Time for Crab. Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) discuss new Library entries, Liquid Friend suplexing a Consumer, and the proper pronunciation of 'Pantheocide'. Giovanni makes an important public service announcement.

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Aug 15, 2021

BNN Correspondent an blaseball economy expert Jade Townsend (@notacredit, @BlaseballDay) sits down with Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) to discuss the giant black hole that consumes all of blaseball. Giovanni leaves a beautiful and stirring eulogy for his best friend, Bright Zimmerman.


Aug 3, 2021

Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) talk about the beginning of the end, the Moist Talkers rounding the first evolutionary base, and the first blaseball game to ever win in a tie.

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