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This Week in Blaseball

Apr 26, 2021

It's finally Taco Tuesday! J from Blaseball Cares (@MoistTalkJ) joins GB (@anacrusisnt) and Giovanni (@MarioPrime) to discuss the fall of PolkaDot Patterson, the Tacos' first championship, and the dawn of the era of Small Ball. In the wake of York Silk and Nagomi McDaniel's disappearance after achieving Legendary...

Apr 19, 2021

Cal Jones, the soon-to-be-retired editor-in-chief of the Blaseball News Network (@BNNCal), joins Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and GB (@anacrusisnt) to talk about the Dallas Steaks' first championship, PolkaDot Patterson's season-long winning streak, and Fish Summer being shot out of a salmon cannon. 


Apr 12, 2021

Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and GB (@anacrusisnt) discuss the resurrection of Chorby Soul, the hubris of the Baltimore Crabs, and salmon weather. 

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